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Galveston Apartment Locators, Real Estate Agents and Rebates

Galveston Apartment Locators offer a FREE and VALUABLE service to Galveston Apartment seekers.  Galveston Apartment Locators are what real estate agents are to real estate, but with a focus on apartments.  Apartment locators in the State of Texas still need to be licensed real estate agents which is regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission.  Galveston Apartment Locators need to attend 210 classroom hours and pass the state and national real estate exam.  Texas real estate agent also must stay up to date on the latest changes in real estate law and regulations by attending yearly continuing education courses.  To take this one step further real estate agents must be sponsored by a real estate broker, which is someone with years of experience, who has also taken a total of almost 900 hours of classroom to obtain their brokers license, and who has passed the state and national exams.  The moral of the story here is that behind the simple and over-used term "real estate agent"  stands an individual or business with hundreds, if not thousands of hours of classroom, and years of experience practicing real estate.

Galveston Apartment Locators are paid by the apartments or property management companies from their marketing budget.  The Galveston apartment locators fees do not come from the client, apartment locators offer a free and beneficial service to Galveston apartment renters. 

Galveston Apartment locator rebates come from the referral fees paid to the "apartment locator".  This referral fee is usually a percentage of one months rent typically ranging from 10-100%.  In most cases we offer our clients a $100-$300 rebate, our rebate policy is to offer our clients up to 50% of our referral fee, up to $300 when we do not escort you to properties.  For those who we are actively involved with we limit our rebates to $25-150.

We typically do not escort our clients to properties when we are offering Galveston apartment rebates.  If you wish to not receive a rebate then we can join you at previewing each of the Galveston rental properties you are interested it.  We give our clients a rebate because we are only offering a partial service, full service involves escorting clients to the property and attending lease signing.

Please read our article on Galveston Apartment Leases, to get a better idea on what to expect when signing a lease on your next Galveston Apartment.

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